Course description

At the center of offering an experience you know your clients will give a 5-star rating, is knowing what your clients want and need. That is the basis of this course: learning how to figure out what your clients want and need and how to deliver that to them. In this course, we will be diving into a bit of psychology to teach you how to identify and adapt to all of your clients’ different personalities. Understanding the principles of personality will help you to better serve and understand how your clients would like to be coached. Some people want to be pushed to their limits while others would rather get in and get out without having to say a word. We are going to teach you how to identify who is who so that you can treat everyone exactly how they want to be treated and keep them coming back time and time again.

CEO & Founder of Gymnazo

Michael Hughes

Our founder, Michael, since 7th grade felt called to restore movement and help get people back to enjoying their lives. Despite being rejected from grad school, Michael pressed on and every time he was faced with a problem he couldn’t solve, he invested in his education to level up. The last decade he has pioneered a new model of training that blends his heart for restoration with the energy of fitness training. A son of an entrepreneur, he witnessed the need for grit, ambition and vision when creating and sustaining a business. He is our innovator, our internal movement guru. He is the one who is deeply connected to the dream to blend restoration training with performance. Michael’s mission is to elevate the industry’s standards for what quality looks like as a trainer.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Message from Michael

    • Join Our Facebook Group

    • Course Workbook

  • 2

    Building the Foundation for Your Client Experience

    • 1.1.1. Knowing Your Athletes & Clients (Part 1)

    • 1.1.1b Knowing Your Athletes & Clients (Part 2)

    • 1.1.2. Discovering Your Athlete's Wants & Needs

    • 1.1.3. How to Win Friends & Influence People Highlights

    • 1.1.4. How to Handle New Clients

    • Module 1 Quiz

  • 3

    Understanding Athletes' Personalities

    • 2.1.1 Understanding athletes' personalities

    • 2.1.2 How to Identify Personalities

    • 2.1.3 Coaching different personalities

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    • Before You Go...