Course Description

Virtual training IS the way of the future. It allows you to have the freedom to train whoever, wherever. By going virtual you will no longer be limited to the pool of clients within arms reach. But how do you make the transition? We’re going to teach you exactly that in this course. We will cover everything you need to know so you can have all the confidence and tech-savviness you need to get in front of that camera and continue to help people live happier and healthier lives. Enjoy!

Course curriculum

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    Take Your Training Online

    • Workbook

    • 1.1.1 Dispelling Myths that Online is low quality

    • 1.1.2 Top 3 Ways To Serve Members Online

    • 1.1.2 BONUS Checklist of Online Services

    • 1.1.3 How to Set Up Yourself for Success

    • 1.1.4 How to Set Up Clients for Success

    • 1.1.5a How to Run Incredible Remote Group Sessions

    • 1.1.5b Bonus Video REMOTE Equipment

    • 1.1.6 How to Build an Amazing Community Online

    • 1.1.7 How to Create High Value On Demand Programs

    • 1.1.8 Bonus Equipment Guide

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    Body Weight Training Program

    • MDMC Remote Program Intro

    • Bodyweight Programming Guide

    • MDMC Remote Day 1

    • MDMC Remote Day 2

    • MDMC Remote Day 3

    • MDMC Remote Day 4

    • MDMC Remote Day 5

    • MDMC Remote Day 6

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    • Before You Go...