Learn How to Reduce Pain with Just a Foam Roller

8 Videos With Step-by-Step Instructions on What to Foam Roll to Reduce Your Pain in the Most Common Areas We See Pain.

Over the last five years we've been reducing movement related pain with clients, most of whom suffer from the pain in the same most common areas. Over the years, we've discovered the likely culprits causing the pains and how to reduce it quickly using just a foam roller. We are on a mission to help people reduce pain to get back to the activities they love. So we created this "cheat sheet" of strategies we use successfully on 80% of the clients we see. 

 We're offering exclusive access to our online Melt Away the Pain video series, where we bring step-by-step problem solving pain relief to you to do in the convenience of your own home.

Now you can get access to videos troubleshooting the following areas: foot, ankle, knee, hip, low back, elbow, shoulder and neck!


Believing that their aches and pains are just something they have to accept.

As a movement therapist, it is easy for me to see signs of wear and tear on the body through our 3D movement analysis. But I’ve invested a lot of time and money to develop the ability to see what’s happening.

As an athlete, how do you recognize signs that your body is wearing down? What are some red flags to pay attention to?

Here are some red flags I see often:

- Tight muscles 

- Pain, especially in joints 

- Cycles of workout intensity, then pain, then inactivity. Then repeat.

You deserve a body that doesn’t limit you. Life, free of pain and movement limitation, while being strong, is the goal. You can take back control and become educated enough to know when your body is in balance and your brain is playfully engaged. 

You deserve more, and it’s my mission at Gymnazo to be more bold with what we know and empower our athletes to be pain free.

Getting Successful Strategies Into As Many People's Hands as Possible:

Over the past five years, working with clients to increase quality of life while restoring pain-free movement, I've learned a lot. I've seen patterns I've gotten more in tune with determining the source of the pain or discomfort and I've gotten faster at providing relief. 

The goal of this was to discover themes in pain and discomfort and track the most successful ways we've been able to reduce discomfort. While each case and person is unique, there are undisputed strategies and techniques that we have seen significantly improve the lives of our clients. 

So I've finally put them into a series of videos each one walking through a muscle group commonly in pain and how I'd walk a client through reducing their pain. The strategies I've documented show the exact approach I use successfully in about 80% of the cases I see. 

Start seeing results with "Melt Away the Pain" in less than a couple days and it’s a fraction of the price you will pay in facility.

In fact, it costs 84% LESS than our in-facility services!

Here's what some of my clients are saying about my program...

"He can quickly get to the cause of pain and know how to relieve it"

Kerry Sheets

Michael understands the complexity of body mechanics and how muscles, bones, nerves and ligaments all work together (or sometimes in opposition = pain). He can quickly get to the cause of pain and know how to relieve it. I've been to chiropractors, physical therapists and neurologists and found more relief, faster when working with Michael!

"Michael was able to fully evaluate my mobility and specific causes for my injury."

Randy Steiger

I injured my back and Michael felt the exclusive sessions would benefit my recovery. He was absolutely correct. The sessions were a great fit for my needs. Michael was able to fully evaluate my mobility and specific causes for my injury. He then formulated and implemented a rehabilitation plan that quickly put me back on the path to wellness. As a result of these sessions my back pain has completely disappeared. In addition, I am now more aware of tightness in my hips and upper back which were both indicated in my initial injury. I also have specific stretches for these areas so that I can avoid further injuries in the future. This program was incredibly valuable for me, and I am absolutely grateful to Michael for his knowledge and abilities.

"I feel like Gymnazo gave me my life back."

Toni Hanson

Before I came to Gymnazo I had a bad ACL, so bad that two physical therapists and two orthopedic surgeons believed my knee was as good as it would ever get. I felt my life was over. I thought I would never be able to participate in activities again with my kids. I feel like Gymnazo gave me my life back. In one session Michael was able to provide me with a lunge that did not hurt my knee but still worked my quads. I was so grateful the next day to experience soreness in my thighs!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Melt Away the Pain

    • Introduction

    • Neck - Melt Away the Pain

    • Elbow - Melt Away the Pain

    • Shoulder - Melt Away the Pain

    • Hip - Melt Away the Pain

    • Ankle - Melt Away the Pain

    • Foot - Melt Away the Pain