Course description

This program serves as a roadmap to creating a sustainable career in fitness. Too often this industry loses passionate and talented trainers because of the high rate of burnout, level of competition and the lack of quality educational opportunities. This course is meant to equip you with the tools and the pathway to fulfilling your highest purpose as not just a mediocre personal trainer, but a Functional Movement Specialist who can confidently serve their clients to the highest degree. We focus on transforming your mind, body and soul through this program so you come out the other side empowered, aligned with your best self and ready to serve up results you never thought were possible. So if you are looking for more confidence, more fulfillment, and a mind-expanding experience that goes beyond the traditional means of fitness, then this is the course for you.

  • Program Includes:

  • 8 Exclusive 60 Min Coaching Calls (VIP Only)

  • 6 Months of Group Coaching Calls & Access to Library of Previously Recorded Coaching Calls

  • Lifetime access to MDMC Course and future updates

  • Personalized Feedback on all completed applied assignments from Movement Masters

  • Weekly practice hour to apply your knowledge with other MDMCs

  • 1 Year Unlimited Discord access to MDMC Community to continue your learning and connections with other MDMCs

  • Discounts on Future Mastermind Program or Trainer Retreat

  • Discount on all Gymnazo products and programs


CEO & Founder of Gymnazo

Michael Hughes

Our founder, Michael, since 7th grade felt called to restore movement and help get people back to enjoying their lives. Despite being rejected from grad school, Michael pressed on and every time he was faced with a problem he couldn’t solve, he invested in his education to level up. The last decade he has pioneered a new model of training that blends his heart for restoration with the energy of fitness training. A son of an entrepreneur, he witnessed the need for grit, ambition and vision when creating and sustaining a business. He is our innovator, our internal movement guru. He is the one who is deeply connected to the dream to blend restoration training with performance. Michael’s mission is to elevate the industry’s standards for what quality looks like as a trainer.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    M - Mindset

  • 3

    O - Optimize Science

    • Optimize Science Workbook

    • 1.1.1. Introduction to Human Movement

    • 1.1.2. Introduction to Physical & Biological Sciences

    • 1.1.2b Physical, Biological, Behavioral Science Applied

    • 1.1.3. Top 4 Things to Know about Dynamical Systems

    • 1.1.3b Dynamic System Deep Dive

    • 1.1.3c Dynamic System Applied

    • 1.1.4. Local vs. Global Movement

    • 1.1.4b Local Vs Global Movement Applied

    • 1.1.5. Chain Reaction Biomechanics

    • 1.1.5b Chain Reaction Biomechanics Applied

    • 1.1.6. Transformational Zones

    • 1.1.6b Transformational Zones Deeper Dive Applied

    • 1.1.6c Transformational Zones Deeper Dive Applied - Actions

    • 1.1.6d Transformational Zones Deeper Dive Applied - Gait

    • 1.1.7. CRB & TZ Full Review Part 1

    • 1.1.7b CRB & TZ Full Review Part 2

    • 1.1.8. Summary

    • Module 1 Quiz

  • 4

    V - Vibrant Customer Experience

    • Vibrant Customer Service Workbook

    • 2.1.0. Intro to Vibrant Customer Service

    • 2.1.1. Knowing Your Athletes & Clients (Part 1)

    • 2.1.1b Knowing Your Athletes & Clients (Part 2)

    • 2.1.2. Discovering Your Athlete's Wants & Needs

    • 2.1.3. How to Win Friends & Influence People Highlights

    • 2.1.4. How to Handle New Clients

    • Module 2 Quiz

  • 5

    E - Elite Movement Strategies

    • Elite Movement Strategies Workbook

    • 3.1.1. Functional Movement Spectrum

    • 3.1.1b Functional Movement Spectrum Applied

    • 3.1.2. Mobility & Stability

    • 3.1.2.b Mostability Applied: Self Assessment

    • 3.1.3. Proprioceptors

    • 3.1.3b Proprioception Applied

    • 3.1.4. 10 Observational Essentials

    • 3.1.4b Observational Essentials Applied

    • 3.1.5. Introduction to 8 Fundamental Movements & Matrices

    • 3.1.6. Action: Lunge

    • 3.1.7. Action: Squat

    • 3.1.8. Action: Reach

    • 3.1.9. Action: Lift

    • 3.1.10 Action: Push

    • 3.1.11 Action: Pull

    • 3.1.12 Action: Jumping

    • 3.1.13 Action: Locomotion

    • 3.1.14 Body Positions

    • 3.1.14b Body Positions Flow

    • 3.1.14c Body Positions Applied

    • 3.1.15. Nomenclature

    • 3.1.15b Nomenclature Applied

    • 3.1.15c Nomenclature Challenge Intro

    • 3.1.15c Nomenclature MDMC Quiz

    • 3.1.16. Develop Your Practice

    • Module 3 Quiz

  • 6

    M - Mastering Your Coaching Style

    • Mastering Your Coaching Style Workbook

    • Module 4: Power of Coaching to Personalities

    • 4.1.1. Understanding Athletes' Personalities

    • 4.1.2. How to Identify Personalities

    • 4.1.3. Coaching Different Personalities

    • Module 4 Quiz

    • Module 5: How to Run an Incredible Group Session

    • 5.1.1. Workout Protocol & Expectations

    • 5.1.2. Communication Between Clients & Clients

    • 5.1.3. Describing Exercises

    • 5.1.3.b Describing Exercises Applied

    • 5.1.3.c Describing Exercises Practice

    • 5.1.3d Describing Exercises Becoming the Athlete

    • 5.1.4. Correcting Form

    • 5.1.4b Correcting Form Considerations

    • 5.1.5. When to Correct Form

    • 5.1.6. Global & Local Encouragement

    • 5.1.6b Global and Local Encouragement Reflection

    • 5.1.7. Relational vs. Transactional Coaching Style

    • 5.1.7b Transactional And Relational Coaching Reflection

    • 5.1.8. Setting Standards for Professionalism

    • 5.1.9. Speaking & Moving as an Expert

    • 5.1.9b Speaking and Moving As An Expert Applied

    • 5.1.10 Sixteen Qualities of a Great Coach

    • 5.1.10b Sixteen Qualities of a Great Coach Applied

    • Module 5 Quiz

  • 7

    E - Essential Modifications

    • Essential Modifications Workbook

    • Module 6: Modifying for the Individual

    • 6.1.1. Introduction to Tweakology

    • 6.1.2. Progressions of Exercises

    • 6.1.2b Progressions of Exercises Applied

    • 6.1.3. Interjecting Play

    • Module 6 Quiz

    • Module 7: How to Address Pain

    • 7.1.1. Addressing Pain Dysfunction in the Workout

    • 7.1.1b How to Address Pain Applied

    • 7.1.2. Tweaking Low Back Pain

    • 7.1.3. Tweaking Shoulder Pain

    • 7.1.4. Tweaking Knee Pain

    • 7.2.1. Introduction to Problem Solving Pain Video Series

    • 7.2.2. Problem Solving Elbow Pain

    • 7.2.3. Problem Solving Neck Pain

    • 7.2.4. Problem Solving Shoulder Pain

    • 7.2.5. Problem Solving Hip Pain

    • 7.2.6. Problem Solving Lower Back Pain

    • 7.2.7. Problem Solving Knee Pain

    • 7.2.8. Problem Solving Ankle Pain

    • 7.2.9. Problem Solving Foot Pain

    • Module 7 Quiz

  • 8

    N - Next Level Programming

    • Next Level Programming Workbook

    • 8.1.1. How to Organize a Workout Program

    • 8.1.2. Physiological Strategies

    • 8.1.3. How to Write a Workout

    • 8.1.3b How To Write A Workout Applied

    • 8.1.4. Balancing a Workout

    • 8.1.5. Formats for Workouts

    • 8.1.6. Warm Ups & Cool Downs

    • 8.1.7. Programs for Any Type of Client

    • Module 8 Quiz

  • 9

    T - Thriving Sales Cycle

    • Thriving Ecosystem of Services Workbook

    • 9.1.1. Constructing Your Service Ecosystem

    • 9.1.2. Creating a 5 Star Brand

    • Module 9 Quiz

  • 10

    S - Successful Results

    • Successful Results Workbook

    • Module 10: Technology to Supercharge Your Communication

    • 10.1.1. Communication Between Internal Teams

    • 10.1.2. Communication Between Coaches & Athletes

    • 10.1.3. Collecting & Implementing Feedback

    • Module 10 Quiz

    • Module 11: How to Transition to Online Training

    • 11.1.1 Dispelling Myths that Online is low quality

    • 11.1.2 Top 3 Ways To Serve Members Online

    • 11.1.3 How to Set Up Yourself for Success

    • 11.1.4 How to Set Up Clients for Success

    • 11.1.5a How to Run Incredible Remote Group Sessions

    • 11.1.5b Bonus Video REMOTE Equipment

    • 11.1.6 How to Build an Amazing Community Online

    • 11.1.7 How to Create High Value On Demand Programs

    • 11.1.8 Bonus Equipment Guide

    • 12.1.1 MDMC Warm Up

    • 12.1.1b MDMC Cool Down/Mobility Sequence

    • 12.1.1c Lead a Group Training Session

  • 11

    Final Exam

    • Show us what you've learned

    • Multi-Dimensional Movement Coach Test

  • 12


    • Before You Go...

MDMC Testimonials

"I have a lot more confidence now"

Ellie Henson

I have WAY more knowledge and application than I did at the start of this course. I feel like I have a set of principles to continue to explore movement, enhance my clients, and continue my mission! I have a lot more confidence now in when I'm coaching when I'm explaining in my own movement patterns and my ability to see things and recognize things. Then the constant support and encouragement when I ran into issues or or questions I didn't quite know how to solve. And the community is just incredible. You're able to ask anything at any point and someone's going to answer it for you, or help you start to find the answer for it and be on a journey with you.

"Where I am now is far beyond where I thought I would be"

Nick Elliott

Where I am now is far beyond where I thought I would be or had the capability of getting to. Taking the MDMC course was an incredible investment.

"MDMC gave me a roadmap I believe in"

Abram Diaz

MDMC gave me a roadmap to build a fitness business and a roadmap that I believe in and have seen the impact of. So it's gonna give me an edge. I don't have to wander around and explore how to offer fitness in a way that is not only aligned with like the business side, but also aligns with my value of wanting to make a real impact for people. And so I feel equipped to do both now.

"This course has really re-ignited my passion for training"

Mike Lenox

When I started this course, my goal was to create a better understanding of chain reaction biomechanics and build on my skills of assessing the human body in motion. I feel this course has helped me tremendously in both of these areas and has added an incredible amount of value to the service I can provide to my athletes. This course has really re-ignited my passion for training and created much excitement in what I am now doing and all the ways I can impact others.


At Gymnazo, we stand behind our programs and services. We want every client to be a satisfied client. Our MultiDimensional Movement Coaching Program is designed to help you take your coaching to the next level. You may participate in MDMC program for the first 21 days risk-free. If you follow the program and don’t feel the value, then we’ll happily refund the money you’ve paid us upon request before 12:00 pm on the 21st day.