Course Description

This course serves as a framework for moving more intentionally and developing awareness within your sphere of potential. A framework in from which to explore. This course will invite you to explore new ranges of motion, new directions of intent, challenge your coordination and improve your balance. No matter what methodologies you practice or your style of training, these movements and flows will set you up for more movement success.

  • Learn how to map your space and communicate more effectively with your body and your environment.

  • Learn how to move in three planes of motion to enhance your ankle, hip, spine, and shoulder mobility.

  • Learn how to do the spherical arm swing matrix, the lunge matrix, type 1 and 2 spine motion, 3D squats and push-ups, diagonal and spiral fascial loading, and put them into flows! 

  • Also learn how to unlock the power of your core and achieve deeper integration of your lats, obliques, and muscles that support your knees and back. 

This is a great supplement to all movement practices and methodologies as it opens the gates of potential for integrated movement and explorations through your sphere! 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here!

  • 2

    Arm Reach Foundations

    • Spherical Arm Swing Matrix

    • Single Arm Swing Matrix

    • Overhead Reach/Press Matrix

    • Spherical Reach Matrix Flow

    • Single Arm Spherical Reach Matrix Flow

    • In/Out of Sync Arm Swing Matrix

  • 3

    Lunge Foundations

    • Spherical Step Matrix Poles

    • Spherical Step Matrix Flow

    • Diagonal Steps

    • Diagonal Step Flow

    • Sagittal Plane Lunge Pivot Poles

    • Frontal Plane Lunge Pivot Poles

    • Transverse Plane Lunge Pivot Poles

    • Lunge Matrix Flow

    • Diagonal Lunge Pivot Poles

    • Diagonal Lunge Flow

    • Lunge Matrix Pivot Poles With Arms

    • Lunge Matrix Flow With Arm Swings

  • 4

    Single Leg Balance Foundations

    • Single Leg Balance Reach Matrix Pivot Poles

    • Single Leg Balance Reach Matrix Flow

    • Single Leg Balance Lunge Matrix Flow

    • Single Leg Balance Orbit Reach Matrix

  • 5

    Squat Foundations

    • SFT Squat Matrix

    • SFT Single Leg Squat Matrix

  • 6

    Prone Foundations

    • Prone Hip Drive Matrix

    • SFT Push-Up Matrix

    • Quadruped Body Drive Matrix

    • Crawl Matrix Poles and Flow

  • 7

    Intro to Hybrid Reaches, Diagonals & Spirals

    • Intro to Hybrid Reaches, Diagonals and Spirals

  • 8

    Hybrid Reaches

    • Type 1 & Type 2 Arm Reaches

    • T1 & T2 Arm Swing Flow

    • Kneeling T1 & T2 Reaches and Flow

    • Stride T1 & T2 Reaches and Flow

    • Lunge Matrix Hold T1 & T2 Swing and Flow

    • Lunge Matrix T1 & T2 Flow

    • Single Leg Balance T1 & T2 Flow

  • 9


    • Anterior Stance Leg

    • Anterior Lunge Leg

    • Posterior Stance Leg

    • Posterior Lunge Leg

    • Stance Leg Flow

    • Lunge Leg Flow

  • 10


    • Front Root Stance Leg

    • Front Root Lunge Leg

    • Back Root Stance Leg

    • Back Root Lunge Leg

    • Stance Leg Flow

    • Lunge Leg Flow

    • Diagonal Spiral Full Flow

  • 11

    Infinity Series

    • Intro to the Infinity Series

    • Intro to Pivots & Warrior Flow

  • 12


    • R/L Hand Anterior Circles

    • R/L Hand Rotated Circles

    • BL Hand Anterior Circles

    • BL Hand Rotated Circles

    • BL Hand Crossing Center Circle Flow

    • BL Hand Anterior Opposite Circles

    • BL Hand Rotated Opposite Circles

    • BL Hand Crossing Center Opposite Circles Flow

  • 13


    • R/L Hand Anterior Infinites

    • R/L Hand Rotated Infinities

    • R/L Hand Crossing Center Infinities

    • BL Hand Anterior Infinities

    • BL Hand Rotated Infinities

    • BL Hand Crossing Center Infinities

  • 14


    • Coils & Landmarks

    • Stride Coils

    • Split Squat Coils

    • Single Leg Balance Coils

    • Coiling Pivot Flow

    • Coiling Warrior Flow

  • 15

    Tea Cups

    • Tea Cups

    • Stride Tea Cups

    • Split Squat Tea Cups

    • Single Leg Balance Tea Cups

    • Tea Cups Pivot Flow

    • Tea Cups Lunge Matrix Flow

  • 16

    Chi Ball

    • Forming Your Chi Ball

    • Stride Chi Ball

    • Split Squat Chi Ball

    • Single Leg Balance Chi Ball

    • Chi Ball Pivot Flow

    • Chi Ball Warrior Flow

    • Chi Ball Lunge Matrix Flow

  • 17

    Dive in Deeper

    • Next Steps

  • 18

    How Did You Like This Course?

    • Spherical Movement Course Review

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